Friday, 18 November 2016

AV-Test Institute Awards Norton Security “Best Protection” For Consumers

Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) announced that Norton Security won AV-TEST’s sought after “Best Protection Award 2015” for “home user” security. AV-TEST Institute has recognized Norton Security for its ability to prevent the foremost widespread crime threats, as well as period malicious attacks and malware unfold via the net and e-mails1.

“Norton Security systematically incontestable spectacular security protection throughout our multiple tests in 2015, and significantly compared to competitive solutions,” same Andreas Marx, CEO, AV-TEST. “Norton Security blocked 99.9 % of attacks in Windows testing cycles, whereas the business average was between 97 and 99 %. Our rigorous testing resulted in Norton starting up on prime because the most secure resolution for shoppers.”

AV-TEST, globally recognized for its rigorous freelance testing practices, evaluates the effectiveness of security solutions’ protection against advanced attacks throughout the year. Supported monthly testing over a 12 month period, security solutions are subjected to quite 1,000 live zero-day attacks delivered via the net and e-mail to live a product’s complete protection ability. The testing conjointly measures the protection solution’s detection of quite 150,000 current and widespread threats.

Norton Security bested quite twenty competitive solutions throughout the whole 2015 testing cycle in each mensuration classes. Additionally, Symantec terminus Protection was honored because the best business protection by AV-TEST. This can be the primary time a marketer has won each the patron and business protection classes. Representatives from Symantec accepted the awards at AV-TEST Institute’s annual awards ceremony yesterday in Wolfsburg, Germany.

By: Carl Marx
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