Friday, 11 November 2016

Services & Support of Norton

The Norton who can promise Only Among all Anti-virus Ensuring your online Safety and Peace of Mind

"The quality of being sure of your skills and/or having trust in folks, plans or the long run." These words utterly encapsulate Symantec’s confidence in our software system performance and in our Norton support team.
By using the best folks within the security business and investment in our innovative technology, Norton provides associate victory MI and five-star technical support that's second to none. However Norton will, and does, go more with a promise that no alternative web security or software supplier will create — the Norton Virus Protection Promise.

The Virus Protection Promise is that the assurance that, if an epidemic ever manages to slide through Norton Security’s multi-layer defense system, our Norton consultants can give foremost technical support via phone and on-line chat to get rid of the virus. within the unlikely event that the virus can’t be removed, we'll refund your cash.

Freeware prices you within the end of the day

There is a typical thought that free software system programs are comprehensive enough to shield our digital lives from the advanced threats that we tend to face as modern web users. however nothing may be away from the reality.
Free antivirus software system offers solely restricted protection. It’s like lockup your front entrance, however going away your windows open. You’re not fully protected.

To protect our PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets from harmful on-line threats, we want multiple layers of protection to combat varied kinds of malware.

Many roaring attacks these days don't seem to be launched by viruses, however by alternative refined types of attack, like ransom ware or phishing schemes. Employing a single layer of protection isn't enough. And for several, it creates a false sense of security.
Get peace of mind with Norton

If you wish facilitate handling a suspected infection of any sort, our technicians are equipped with associate arsenal of software system removal and erasure tools which will begin the method of removing even the foremost refined malware — all for no further price once you qualify for the Norton Virus Protection Promise. And within the very unlikely event that a Norton knowledgeable is unable to get rid of the threat, we'll refund your cash since we tend to place our cash wherever our mouth is.
“Whereas several of the highest antivirus software system publishers charge additional for malware removal service by a technical support representative, Norton provides the service at no cost,” says Randall Sutherland, Editor at prime 10 Reviews.

Our mission is to stay your digital life safe.

Our dedication to digital security is at the center of everything we tend to do, and that we wish to present you the peace of mind that you just merit once living your life on-line.

Over the last twenty five years, we've designed an in depth intelligence network, perpetually gathering knowledge on web security threats from quite forty million attack sensors worldwide in over a hundred and fifty countries. That knowledge is foundational to Norton protection, and it permits North American country to chop-chop defend against spic-and-span, zero-day threats that no-one has ever seen before.

It’s this mixture of our international footprint, powerful threat insight, stylish technology and knowledgeable support that allows Norton to supply the Virus Protection Promise — a money-back guarantee that's “raising the security bar for consumers” by keeping your laptop malware-free, Sutherland adds.

We are supremely assured in our ability to shield our customers. and that we wish our customers to share therein confidence after they are on-line, safely aquatics with the data that they need the most effective security within the world protective their digital lives.

By: Carl Marx
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