Friday, 9 December 2016

How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

The best thanks to apprehend your data is safe whereas exploitation public Wi-Fi is to use a virtual personal network (VPN) service. However, if you want to use public Wi-Fi, follow the following pointers to safeguard your data.


  • Allow your Wi-Fi to auto-connect to networks
  • Log into associate degreey account via an app that contains sensitive data. Move to the web site instead and verify they're exploitation HTTPS before work in
  • Leave your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on if you're not exploitation them
  • Access websites that hold your sensitive data, like monetary or attention accounts
  • Log onto a network that isn’t countersign protected


  • Disable file sharing
  • Only visit sites exploitation HTTPS
  • Log out of accounts once done exploitation them
  • Use a VPN. Norton WiFi Privacy currently provides a VPN that encrypts all data on public Wi-Fi, creating your public affiliation personal.

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