Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Subscription: one laptop or macintosh for one year


  • It uses less system resource.
  • Set of excellent options to avoid viruses.
  • Time by time updates.


  • One certificate with normal version.
  • Complete scan will hamper your laptop.
  • Cannot notice 100% threats.
  • Features of Norton Security normal

Virus Protection

It defends your information and ADP system from the spyware, Viruses, threats and on-line attacks. Norton Security normal uses many layers to defend your ADP system from the virus attacks. With the exception of the virus attacks, it additionally protects you from the Trojan, Rootkits and different threats that square measure harmful to your ADP system. Therefore Norton Security normal protection level terribly high attributable to its Norton client Service to fight against virus and malwares.


If you're operating on-line, doing additional on-line transactions and you wish to form your identity non-public, so Norton Security normal helps to safeguard your identity. Norton’s privacy checks square measure perpetually on, therefore it provides higher privacy and causes you to safe from on-line frauds. Configuration help is offered on Norton Antivirus signal freed from charge.

Security knowledgeable help

In the subscription of Norton Security normal, you may get their Virus protection promise. That mean from the instant once you signed to the Norton Security normal, associate degree knowledgeable from the Norton assistance will perpetually assist you to form your device virus free, they secure that if they're going to not offer you facilitate to form your malicious program free, then they're going to provide you with an entire refund.

Technical Support

For any product or subscription, technical support matters lots. Yes, that the Norton 360 Support has been enlarged and improved in previous few years. They need worked onerous on Norton facilitate to assist the users. With this subscription, they're additionally providing virus protection promise. They need phone support at the side of chat support.

User Interface

The programme of the Norton Security normal is neat and clean. therefore anyone will use options and practicality simply. They need supplementary clean icons and buttons for indicating their options. At the house screen, you'll get the all the standing and options. For additional advanced users there square measure more options and choices. therefore we are able to say that the programme of the Norton Security normal isn't additional confusing and complicated. It's straightforward to use. Their designer worked for higher user expertise.

By: Carl Marx
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